Conference, Exchange,Accommodation,Training support "Advanced facilities in nature"
About Cast
The location of our facility "Advanced Science and Technology Center I Building" is as follows.


Guide Inside
Entrance where sound is gathered in the center so that light gathers at the lens, the vermillion wall is imaginable color, mandala as the color of a magical beast.

Hotel LobbyHotel lobby
Lobby for Guest House.
Exchange Salon
Exchange salon
The meeting room can be used as a room for people and guests to interact, exchange places and take a break.

Exhibition Room
exhibition room
It can be used for general, students and children's work / painting exhibitions / photo exhibitions / poster sessions etc.

The garden is an artistic landscape
The scenery and buildings of the facility were designed and constructed under the urban design plan by world-renowned architects and landscape architects(landscapers). The garden seen from inside the facility is designed to be artistic and elegant enough to make us forget everyday life.