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About reduction and exemption system of accommodation room fee

For those who meet certain requirements among our users, there is a system to discount the usage fee of the accommodation room.
Required requirements and procedures are as follows.

Ⅰ.For researchers

1.Requirement for discount (reduction)

Those who satisfy the following requirements of "i" and "ii"

  1. Those who use the accommodation room of our center due to the following business operations carried out within Harima Science Park City
    • Cooperative research project with universities and public research institutes in the city
    • Research projects conducted by research institutes, etc. of industry, academia and government located / resident in the city
    • Other research related projects (academic forums, forums, equipment use etc.)
  2. Those who submitted subject Applicable matter certificate

2.Price after discount (reduction)

Single room 3,000 yen / night for alone
Twin room 4,500yen / night for alone 3,000yen / night for alone
Special room 6,400yen / night for alone 4,200yen / night for alone

3.Application Procedure

Researcher reduction application and submission of certificate (original)
  1. Fill in the required items, and the person in charge's representative seal is sealed. If multiple names are to be certified, please attach a guest list (specify affiliation, job title and name).
  2. It is essential for the guest's personal column to be a signature of the guest.
  3. If you do not submit a researcher's application or certificate, you will not receive the application.

Ⅱ.For people with disabilities

1.Requirement for discount (reduction)

  1. Those who own one of the following notebooks.
    • Physically handicapped
    • Care book
    • Health welfare notebook for mentally handicapped person
  2. Person who submitted the above notebook on the day of stay, and was confirmed original.
  3. Those who submitted necessary information on reduction application form and are submitted.

2.Price after discount (reduction)

Single room 2,300yen/ night for alone
Twin room 3,050yen/ night for alone 2,050yen/ night for alone