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Multipurpose Room

It faces the unique Japanese garden and can be used as a meeting room as a party room.
Chair and desk can also be moved (Customer is requested to set up).
(144m2、Capacity / 96 rooms in all rooms, 48 rooms in the half room)

Multipurpose room
Multipurpose room
Multipurpose room
Price list
Time 9:00~12:00 13:00~17:00 18:00~21:00 9:00~17:00 13:00~21:00 9:00~21:00
Half Room 1,300yen 2,400yen 2,400yen 3,700yen 4,600yen 5,300yen
All Room 2,600yen 4,800yen 4,800yen 7,400yen 9,200yen 10,600yen