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Restaurant in the facility
Kouto Kitchen Wakana
Phone +81-791-58-1130

Coffee after eating is 200 yen.
Coffee can also be changed to black tea or orange juice.
morning set A morning set A 500yen
Raw vegetables and boiled egg thick sliced toast!
I will call you with your real country!
morning set B morning set B  600yen
Plenty of Himeji's famous almond butter in thick sliced toast!
morning set C morning set C  650yen
Please enjoy with plenty of Ogura bean paste and fresh cream on hot thick sliced toast!
You can have another cup of coffee!
Today's set meal

Today's set meal 780円

Today's set meal(with coffee) 930円

wa-teisyoku Japanese style Gozen 1,580yen
(Three rice varieties/Tempura/Small bowls/Egg custard/Rice/Soup)
wakana-gozen Wakana Gozen  1,980yen
(Sashimi/Beef tatami/Tempura/Small bowl/egg custard/Rice/Soup)

Tenzaru Gozen 1,980yen
(Tempura Saka /Zaru Soba/Sashimi/Chawanmushi/Fruits)
Set menu
saba-teisyoku Set meal with Boiled Mackerell 780yen

karaage-teisyokuSet meal with Fried Young Chicken 780yen

tonkatsu-teisyoku Set meal with Japanese pork cutlet  980yen

hambagu-teisyoku.jpg Set meal with Salisbury steak  930yen

yakiniku-teisyoku Set meal with Korean barbeque  1,080yen

tenpura-teisyoku Set meal with Tempura  1,080yen

Set meal with Ginger Fried Pork 830yen

Add 150 yen, mini udon will be attached

Curry and rice

Beef curry 880yen

Japanese Pork cutlet curry 980yen

Hot noodles
kitsune-udonFox buckwheat udon/soba 580yen

It puts and it is udon/soba 450yen

Beef udon/soba 680yen

Templa udon/soba 780yen

Herring udon/soba 780yen
It is authentic "Herring" of direct delivery from Kyoto.
Please appreciate it.
Pan grilling noodle 980yen
※Winter item, limited time only.
※It takes time.
Gomoku Ramen(Vegetables) 680yen
Cold noodles

Noodles on a bamboo colander/soba 500yen

Noodles on a Templa/soba 880yen


Edamame 350yen

French fries 350yen

Fried Yang chicken 500yen

Kids meal
okosama-lunchKid's lunch 680yen

Kid's curry 480yen

※Price for meals only for children.